ACB Stereo and Divide’s

So finally, thanks to LaesQ and his skills with the heatstick (that’s soldering iron to you), I have ACB Stereo in my “main” Spectrum. I say “main”, as it’s the one I use for all the “real” work. It’s a classic grey-case +2, and for the demoscene most closely represents a “pure” ZX. I have a couple others lying around, including a now-working +3 which I was able to use to find a whole bunch of my old, unused code.

But the ACB Stereo sounds good when pumped through an amp. I’m sure at the weekend we annoyed my neighbours with late-night chiptunes, but I’ve not heard a complaint from them yet. The only fault I can find with it is that beeper-noise is lost. As I now also have a SCART cable to get a nice clear picture on the telly, we get no sound there either. I’m sure I’ll sort something out, tho’ it’s hardly a big concern for me.

We also worked out the problems I’ve had with my Divide board not reading large CF cards. Well, when I say “we”, I mean LaesQ and Mikezt. Turns out that the one of the chips LaesQ used to build the board is faster than the “standard”, and so works a little too well… to the point of not seeing my cards. He’s going to order a batch of new chips and send one on to me. If you’re having similar issues it may be worth contacting him. For now I’ll have to make do with my 48Mb CF card, if I can find it – it’s disappeared during the weekend. I reckon Gasman has stolen it, considering it a fair exchange for his iPod earphones that he left tucked under my sofa. Hehe, the fool. If you’re reading this mate, I’ll send them on to you – just email me your current address.


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    Ah, cool… glad those have turned up. I’ve got a spare set, so there’s no particular hurry to get them back – just bring ‘em along to Forever.

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    Want me to bring along the LS120 disks that LaesQ left for you? Or aren’t you worried about those, being rather eager to rip the drive open and connect it to your ZX so you can load in TRDOS disks?