Monthly Archives: January 2007

Such an icabod

Just got back from lunch and decided to do an ego-search. Hey, work sucks at the moment so I thought I’d try to “lighten my mood” with a little ego-boost. No such luck, as I found this definition of icabod on the Urban Dictionary. Ho-hum.

Freedom to Geek

If you’ve spotted my current playlist (to the right, it should be) you may have noticed some very geeky stuff. No, I’m not talking about the 70s prog rock, tho’ that is fairly geeky. I mean the AY tracker tunes. I’m trying to get into “Retro Mode” for the upcoming raww.orgy. I’m working on this […]

LanDisk Network Drives

The other day I was ambling around the local Maplin when I spotted something that I’d been considering getting for a little while – a NAS kit. For those not in the know, a NAS kit is an external hard drive that attaches to your network and acts as a standalone shared drive. Previously I […]