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Cookie D’oh

This site probably uses cookies. It’s WordPress, so who knows. If you don’t like it, disable cookies in your browser. If you don’t know how to do that, learn. Job done.

Very quick post – some server updates have killed I’ll look at getting it back sometime soon, for posterity if nothing else.

Generating useful history logs from Mercurial

I recently decided to keep my software under a proper configuration control system, and for reasons I won’t go into I picked Mercurial. Something I wanted to do was to make Mercurial produce change history for my projects, but with a “useful” output. That’s to say that the end user of some software won’t care […]


While we were in town today, I popped into the local CEX shop and spotted, while walking past the Nintendo DS stand, Overlord: Minions. As I loved the original Overlord, and am part-way through Overlord 2, I thought I’d give this handheld “sequel” a go. It was only 5 English Quid second-hand, which isn’t too […]

Background downloading to the Belkin N+

Not so long ago I decided to upgrade my router with a nice shiny new one. I opted for the Belkin N+ (the F5D8635uk4A to be overly specific). It’s a nice router, with a bundle of features that I don’t really intend to use. One feature that’s great tho’ is the built-in USB port, which […]

11/2009: Postscripts 19

I’ve just finished my November 2009 book – only a couple days late. I had chosen the latest edition of this unfortunately irregular anthology. I say “irregular” as since I’ve resubscribed the editions appear to be coming out less often – in fact I think there will only be three this year rather than four. […]


I’m a slow reader. It’s not a bad thing, but where some people I know can read a novel in a couple days, I will use up my lunchtime reading a ten-page short story. It can take some motivation to decide to read a novel – hence my preference for the short story. A 300-page […]