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While we were in town today, I popped into the local CEX shop and spotted, while walking past the Nintendo DS stand, Overlord: Minions. As I loved the original Overlord, and am part-way through Overlord 2, I thought I’d give this handheld “sequel” a go. It was only 5 English Quid second-hand, which isn’t too […]

Killing AVG8

I’m a big fan of AVG Free, the cost-less anti-virus software from Grisoft. I’m a keen advocate of it, and have installed it on several computers of friends and relatives (tho’ trying to ensure they keep it up-to-date is a trickier matter). Around this time most users will be seeing dialog boxes appear stating that […]

GTA: re-playability

The other day I decided to load up GTA:SA again, having completed the main (and several side-) missions many months ago. I think it was watching the video for the upcoming GTA IV that did it (tho’ surely this is number 8?), even tho’ we won’t see it on the PC for a long long […]

Vampire – The Masquerade : Dilemma

No, that’s not the title of a new Vampire game. As some of you may know, I was looking for VTM:Bloodlines for ages (well, a couple weeks), and I got it and it is good. I’ve been using the sometimes controversial WESP unofficial patch. I say controversial as it makes some additional changes to the […]

Steamed – Vampire Bloodlines

Shortly after my hunt for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines in the shops (I like to have legitimate versions of games where possible), and having purchased a copy and started playing (I chose to go with the Malkavian clan, in case anyone cares), I now see that it’s been brought out on Steam, Valve’s content […]

Vampire – Bloodlines

I’m currently coming to the end of playing Anachronox, an underrated (well, perhaps under-bought) RPG game in the style of things like Final Fantasy (as far as the combat goes I think). So I’ve decided to look for a game to replace it once it’s complete (I’ve never been a keen replayer of games, tho’ […]