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OverXposed To The Sun(down)

This was my first competition entry that hasn’t been ZX Spectrum-related. “OverXposed To The Sun(down)” caused RC55, the party-organiser, a little worry considering the title. It’s actually my attempt at something like “clever photography”, and happened almost by accident. I was playing with my video camera and took a few still shots while the camera […]


With Sundown 2009 coming up next month I figured it was time I actually posted some information about my entries for last years Sundown. This is a screenshot for “Tribe“, my fairly quick-hack demo which saw something of a new style for my… stuff. I took what I call the “CPU-Approach”, which means a complete […]

Prism: Replacing Drivebelts

A long long time ago (in a galaxy very similar to our own) I wrote for small-press fanzine “PD Power”, published by Prism PD. It was all about the ZX Spectrum, specifically the Public Domain software scene – this was after the demise of wonder-zine Your Sinclair, which kind of marked the end of the […]

raww.orgy 2008 report

On February 15th 2008, the fourth raww.orgy began. Pronounced “raw dot orgy” (in a similar fashion to my main website being pronounced “raw dot org”), it’s one of only two demoparties to take place in the United Kingdom, the other being the multi-format, and much larger Sundown. Prior to the first raww.orgy, which took place […]

raww.orgy 2008 player

Well my latest release has been, uhm, released – it’s the player from last weekend’s raww.orgy demoparty. It’s a simple enough idea – a single program to both show the graphics entries for the competition, and to also play the music. For those who have seen the previous party-players, yes it’s based on the same […]

The perils of online translation

Here’s the thing – I don’t read Russian. Like many non-English languages, I simply don’t get it (if it were a programming language I’d have learned it in about a week). However being a ZX scener there are a lot of websites with news and comment in Russian (or a variation of it). So I […]

ASCii 2007 Logo Competition

In a manner similar to that of the Gasman, I thought I’d upload the screenie I did for this weekend’s ASCii competition being held over in Izhevsk. The competition I took part in was to design a logo for the party. I did it in quick time, making the decision to take part on my […]