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Now I have to face stupid reality again

In case anyone didn’t already notice, my wife and I are back from our honeymoon. We’ve actually been back a few days, with her returning to work on Monday, and me yesterday. We’ve been a little relaxed with the updates to fwuffybunny.com, but rest assured we’ll soon be putting up some photos from the wedding, […]

Tick Tock

I just went and checked fwuffybunny.com – here’s what I saw: Yes, it’s not long to go now. Still not entirely panicky… I’ve got a lot to do still, but it’s all coming together quite nicely. I’ve been writing out my notes for the speech I have to make. I think that’s perhaps the most […]


No, not a post about single people. Nor a post about dating. Nor a post about the sims-a-like game of the same name. Nor is it even a reference to the famous Cud band (“better make this one a single”). No. This is simply a post to point out that the countdown to my wedding […]

16 days

I’ve been a bit quiet on my main site recently – not a good thing considering it’s a news site. But I have my reasons, one of which is that my wedding is now only 16 days away. That’s marginally more than two weeks, for those who are mathematically-challenged. It’s odd, I’ve still not gotten […]

Sundown 2007

RC55 has announced this year’s Sundown, the “other” UK demoparty, a multi-platform scene event featuring “old-school” platforms such as the ZX amongst the other, more “standard” competitions. Again the event takes place in Budleigh Salterton on the south coast, about an hours drive from my home. I’ve already mentioned this on raww.org, so why mention […]

An announcement

Those of you who keep a close eye on my other website will no doubt have noticed that news throughput has been down in recent weeks. Ever since I got back from my Canada trip, in fact. There’s a perfectly good reason – I’ve been busy working on things to do with my upcoming wedding. […]